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The Special Features of Volcom backpacks

There are many different brands of backpacks on the market today, but you will have to search to locate the volcom backpacks, as not many outfitters carry the brand since they do not cater to the requirements of the surfer, the skater and the snowboarder. For a day skiing or when hanging out with your friends, you will be able to take this backpack that can easily hold your board, a helmet and all your gear, or simply carry your school books when going to school.

Many special features distinguish this backpack, such as the padded back panel with adjustable strap which will provide support and comfort; it also comes with a strap that will allow you to place your load up against your chest. The lining of fleece has a pocket for the music accessories, and also a zippered compartment for an audio port for your tunes, making them readily accessible. A zippered compartment for the cell phone is contained in the strap, and side zippered pockets are available for storage of loose items you may need to carry.

For your laptop, padded rear compartment is available in some units, and an additional eight compartments are provided for storage of personal supplies. In some units, a back molded panel is present for additional comfort and it adds another five additional compartments for extra storage.

In 1991, friends Richard Woolcott and Tucker Hall, while vacationing in Tahoe, decided that they would create the Volcom Company to provide essential accessories that fellow outdoor enthusiast of snowboarding and other sports, would welcome to meet the special needs of the sports they were so passionate about.

The concept of Volcom was born of the idea "youth against establishment" as in those time, the snowboarding and skateboarding sports were not well regarded in the US where the issues of the Gulf war, the LA riots, music industry changes spearheaded by such musicians as pearl jam, and the issue of Nirvana, occupied much attention.

The following is a review of two Volcom backpacks, the Volcom Snowmo Backpack and Volcom Purma Deluxe Backpack.

Volcom Snowmo Backpack

This is an ideal backpack to go snowboarding with. It will carry your board horizontally (snowmobile system) as you pile into a shed to travel to the backcountry, or it can carry the boards vertically (snowboard rack) when hiking and you go deep-snow turns.

There is a pocket to place your radio so that you can maintain in contact while you are in your snowmobile, and for your convenience, there are custom fast clips to allow you to easily get back on when you finish hotwiring the rig. There is a pocket for an external shovel, if you need to assist with digging out someone, also an internal pocket for you to keep your probe safely stored.

The suspension is a molded back panel, and it carries a waist belt. There is a sleeve on the back pack that allows you to carry water.

Customer Rating:

One customer gave the backpack five stars for its usefulness, and stated that his girlfriend gets a lot of compliments when others see how well structured the backpack is.

Volcom Purma Deluxe Backpack

With the backpack you can carry all your school books. After you complete your homework assignments, you can effortlessly strap on your skateboard to your Purma backpack, and hang out at the skate park. There are 4 compartments and a large number of pockets for organization in the backpack, which will meet your every need for storage.

The backpack is made of 100% polyester, and measures 19.5x11.75x7.5 inches. It has a quilted back panel suspension, no waist belt, 2 front pockets, 2 side mesh pockets, and another mesh pocket on the shoulder strap. It is recommended for school purposes and comes with a 1 year warranty.

Customer rating:
One customer gave Volcom Purma Deluxe Backpack five stars and stated that he purchased the Volcom Cyborg backpack also for school. He stated that it was a lot like Purma Deluxe backpack, but was only different in design. He further stated that he normally puts his backpacks through some rough times, but the Volcom Backpacks were the ones that could stand up to his rough treatment over time.

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